Open call: nieuw hoofdkantoor voor grootste bank in Tsjechië

4 oktober 2017

Česká spořitelna, de grootste bank in Tsjechië, lanceert een open oproep voor Europese architecten. Het gaat om een architectuurcompetitie voor het nieuwe hoofdkantoor in Praag. Lees hieronder de volledige oproep.



We are launching the whole competition process with a public Open Call; in the spirit of democratization closely related to the business model of Česká spořitelna, which was established as a bank for small savers. The Open Call was announced yesterday at To answer it, the architects are required to submit electronically a short portfolio comprised of three projects and a motivation letter.


The jury will then select 15 teams to be invited to the Anonymous Design Round, out of which the 6 best teams will be invited to develop more and explain their project in the Presentation Round. The jury will be the decision-making body during every step of this competition, up to recommending the best design and team for us to sign the contract with.

Majority of jury members are architects with both local and international experience – Ivan Reimann based in Germany, Miroslav Šik based in Switzerland, and from the Czech Republic Petr Hlaváček, Petr Kolář, Zdeněk Fránek, Lada Kolaříková and Pavla Melková. There are also representatives of the developer, Erste Group Bank, Erste Immorent Group, and Institute of Planning and Development Prague. Česká spořitelna is in the jury represented by me, its CEO.


The location of the future headquarters is in the heart of one of Prague’s district directly adjacent to the historical centre. It is a brownfield, unused land that was left after railway operations. The old railway station, although in a smaller scale focused mainly on passenger transport, is still functioning. It includes metro station and connection to all other modes of city transport. From the opposite side, the land’s border is marked by one of the main car traffic arteries. Encouraged by the developer’s efforts and actions – the neighbouring area will include residential projects, offices and services, a new public school, and two parks – we also count with the additional program like hotel, retail and offices at our site. Bearing in mind the excellent transport connection, as well as an exciting complexity of the whole situation, we believe that the process we are starting now will lead to creation of a fresh, liveable city district.


The deadline for answering the Open Call with your portfolio is until 16 October 2017. Please upload it to the web page